Five Two SQ Integrated Public Relations combines an eye for design and brand-building skills with best PR practices tailored to a client’s individual needs. We offer these key services to help you to launch, grow or redefine your brand:


Strategy + Planning

Public relations does not operate in a vacuum of media placements. Our driving belief is that the best public relations practices align with company strategy and integrate communications across all channels of operations including marketing, sales, operations manufacturing, product development, customer service, and social media. 


Messaging + Positioning

The foundation of any strategy and planning program is the development of key messages for your company, product and/or service. We work with the leadership team and help to identify key assets that set you apart. We then work with your team to develop key messages tailored to each of your external influencer and stakeholder audiences.


Media Relations

Successful public relations programs begin and end with media relations. This is what we live to do! It is our job to help you understand your media audience, identify the key influencers in your industry, develop the tactics to help your story to be heard, and to deliver your message clearly and consistently. 

 Media relations programs can include all or some of the following elements: press kit and collateral development, product placement, feature programs and press tours. The key to successful media relations is to be clear and consistent and reach your key media influencer audience on a regular basis.


Product Placement

Our product placements are earned. We curate your product/service offering and develop the digital, print and/or event(s) platforms needed to get your offering in front of the right influencer media in a timely, relevant and compelling manner. See just a few of our favorite placements here



A well-planned, well-executed event can propel your brand, product or service story to success. Events can be a big investment, and the adage about construction projects taking more time and resources than you expect applies.  When you begin with a goal to create a memorable and authentic interaction with your target audience, you are well on your way to making an event that creates positive mindshare. Beyond sampling, trade shows, mailers and product gifting, the right event can be the key platform to launch or relaunch a new product, service or campaign. See some of our favorite events here


Competitive Monitoring

It’s our job is to keep a pulse on who the key influencers are in your industry, what these influencers are covering and who they are talking about.  As an objective outside voice, we are able monitor your industry and provide strategic communications counsel.